Are you a good fit?

PlumbBooks exists to help plumbing contractors make sense of their financial statements and give them peace of mind when it comes to their books. We are always looking for talented and fun bookkeepers to join our team. Team members must be certified through BBL, Quickbooks Online, Hubdoc, and have a working knowledge of Clickup.


Company Values



We work with plumbers. We respect their industry and trade. We respect plumbing contractors, the hard work they do, and the knowledge they have. Plumbers protect the health of the nation by providing clean water and removing contaminated waste. We honor their profession.


We are a service provider. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible to our clients. This entire organization Hangs on providing stellar service. We are here to serve the statement reporting needs of plumbing contractors.


We help each other out, and encourage growth in our teammates. All duties are valued. We appreciate each and every team member doing their part to make the larger vision a reality. The No Drama Llama is our mascot.


We will all make mistakes. When mistakes happen, we value owning them and working toward solutions. Hiding mistakes and blaming others does not serve our clients well, nor does it foster teamwork. We embrace the humanness of our co-workers, and work together to make our company better.


Getting things done correctly in as little time as possible is what makes money for our plumbers. It is the same for us. We value using the tools at our disposal to make things happen as efficiently as possible. This might include thinking of new ways to do tasks, or new software to implement.


We like work to be fun! We encourage relationships within the team, even though we may live far apart. Memes and The Office are things we find funny. We leave politics and religious differences out of our team conversation.

If this kind of work environment sounds interesting to you, get in touch using the email form on this site.